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At MEGA Storage we want you to have a comfortable experience while using our storage for rent in Panama. A key element to this is how you go about the packing of your home or work items.

We can also help you with packing materials such as extra-large boxes, wardrobe boxes, glass dividers, tape, bubble wrap, mattress bags, silk paper and more.

The use of good quality packaging tape is essential. Closing your boxes with packing tape to make sure they maintain their structure and protect your items. Use enough packing tape to secure the bottom and across the seams.

Dishes and glasses should be wrapped in paper and packed in sturdy boxes.

Fragile pictures and mirrors should be wrapped in cardboard, marked “FRAGILE” and stacked on end.

Moving Your Home Contents into Self-Storage

If you are moving the contents of your home into self-storage, then you will need to devise a careful plan.

It is important to start collecting boxes and packing supplies and begin packing non-essentials first.

When moving day gets closer, pack away everything except the items you will need for your final week.

As you go through the packing process, decide if there are any items you want to throw away or donate. If you are downsizing, this is particularly important.

Buying the Correct Boxes

It is vital that you choose the right box when packing. As a rule of thumb, for each large box you will need about four small- to medium-size boxes.

If possible, try to use uniformly sized boxes for easy stacking inside for storage for rent in Panama.

Use the smaller boxes to store heavy items like books and dishes and use the large boxes for lighter items like bedding, blankets, and linens.

Avoid using plastic bags to pack your belongings because they tear easily and lack ventilation. A lack of ventilation is likely to result in mildew.

Do not overload the boxes as the packed boxes should not weigh more than you can comfortably lift. Pack the heavier items at the bottom of each box to provide a stable base. Make sure that the boxes do not bulge at the sides as this will make them less stable when they are stacked in the storage unit.

Do not under pack the boxes as if the box is not full, the contents of the storage box can move during transport or they can get crushed under the weight of heavier boxes or items.

If you do have half empty boxes, then use foam to fill the empty spaces without adding much weight.

Remember to distribute the weight inside the boxes evenly for easy transport and storage.

For clothing use hanging wardrobe boxes as these will help prevent wrinkling, creasing and damage to trousers, dresses, suits, and evening wear.

When using hanging wardrobe boxes, you can reduce packing and unpacking time by just moving hung items straight from your wardrobe to the boxes.

It is also a good idea to use hanging wardrobe boxes to hang curtains, bedding or to store garden tools or garage items.

Label the boxes to before storing them in your storage for rent in Panama

Labeling the boxes will save you from having to open every box when you need something later. List contents of boxes on all four sides.

Use a black marker to label the box, mark fragile boxes clearly and mark the stacking direction for items such as glassware, picture frames and lamps that can otherwise be easily damaged when stored wrongly.

Make items as small as possible

Many stored items can be made smaller.

  • Reduce the size of bed frames
  • Wrap frames together with tape (place any screws in plastic bags and tape them to the frame)
  • Place items within items such as the fridge, furniture, or trash cans

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips for you to enjoy your storage for rent in Panama:

  • Make sure everything is clean and dry especially for long-term storage
  • Protect furniture with covers
  • Wrap fragile items well using bubble wrap or tissue paper
  • Use enough packing tape to secure the bottom and across the seams
  • Keep tools like screwdrivers, a hammer, pliers and a utility knife handy when you need to disassemble furniture
  • A folding step stool will be needed when accessing items stored above-head height
  • Make up an inventory list of your items and keep it in a safe