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Home is meant for you to live in, not to store. Find self-storage near you in Panama.

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Your Spare Room For Storage

Our storage facilities are like your very own spare room or garage that is handily nearby, offering convenient home storage solutions. You can pop in and out as often as you like during our opening hours to add or take away things. It is totally secure – more secure in fact than your home or friend’s attic and with flexible short-term storage you can stay for as long as you like.

Expensive items like antiques and other things of sentimental value need to be kept securely and home may not be the ideal place. Store them at our highly secured facilities and get a greater peace of mind.

self-storage near you in Panama

Easier Home Moving with Self Storage

Moving to a new house can be an incredibly stressful time. Home storage (putting your home belongings into self-storage) offers a practical solution helping to smooth out the kinks, so you can take your time and pack at your own pace – allowing self-storage to make your house move to run like clockwork.

Whether you are upgrading or just got your first home, we’re here to assist you during this period of transition. Store your furniture and personal items with us while you handle other aspects of moving. This will take a load off your mind.

Store Not Often Used Items

As families gets bigger and children grow older, the clutter in your home builds up. Find self-storage near you in Panama and free up living space in your home by putting away children’s toys, books, memorabilia, and other items not often used with us.

Storage for Key Life Events

Life can be unpredictable: moving home, changing jobs, and shifting family dynamics. You can never know what is next or when you may need emergency storage space to rent. That is why we are here to help alleviate even a little bit of stress, particularly in those big life moments.

Take the Hassle Out of Travel With Self-Storage

This is especially pressing whether you are travelling for a long period of time or need short term storage for work travels or long travel adventure. Ensuring your belongings are safely in storage will give you peace of mind.

Home Improvement Storage

Making decisions on how to manage your furniture and declutter your work area before you start your home improvements will pay off in the long run. Find self-storage near you in Panama! Short term storage options can help you maximise your space by removing furniture you would otherwise have to work around during your project and reduces the chance of damage or breakages.

Walk-In Wardrobe

One can never get enough clothes, bags, and shoes. Ladies can create your own walk-in wardrobe here at Mega Storage Panama to make room for more shopping.

Storage For Your Collections

Collections come in all shapes and sizes. They could be antiques, sports memorabilia, records and CDs, toys or just bits and pieces that you have accumulated over the years. However diverse your collection might be, there is one thing all collections have in common: they need to be kept safe, secure and above all, protected – so a Mega Storage locker could be the ideal storage solution for you.

Finding space for your collectibles and sports equipment may prove challenging as they require large spaces to store. Do not let hobbies get in the way of your lifestyle. Safekeep them in a conducive environment and access them whenever you want.

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